Unveiling the Qur'an

Friday sermon (jum'ah khutba) by Sheikh Abdal Hakim - Cambridge - date unknown - 26 mins 43 secs


The Holy Qur'an is in every Muslim home and every mosque, a ubiquitous presence in our lives as a material object. But how many of us can say that it is so present in our hearts, where it serves its true purpose? In this sermon, the sheikh reminds us of the outward and formal courtesies (adab) necessary to approach the Qur'an, and how these relate to the unparalled inner purification and upliftment it can effect. When viewed clearly, it is the most dazzling of God's signs, taking us as directly as it is possible for us to come to knowledge of Him because its content is co-eternal with Him; yet, as the sheikh says, unless we approach it with the proper reverence and love, its meaning and significance may be veiled to us. May God soften all of our hearts to the message of His Divine Book, and protect us from arrogance or hard-heartedness before it.

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Gaza: Sakina Through a Long View of History

Friday sermon (jum'ah khutba) by Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad - Cambridge - 16 January 2009 - 24 mins 24 secs

In this sermon the sheikh discusses some aspects of the noble history of Gaza, burial place of the great-grandfather of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and discusses its current despicable treatment by Israel. He mentions various historical and contemporary factors that may have contributed to events, from upcoming Israeli elections to the Arab Revolt incited by the British during First World War which led to the collapse of the Islamic Caliphate. The sheikh relates our search for meaning and understanding of events to one of Islam's earliest tragedies, the murder of Husayn b. 'Ali (may God be pleased with him) which of course also took place in Muharram as the crimes of Gaza have. During their most trying ordeals the Companions of the Prophet and their successors - by God's Mercy - maintained their faith in Him and their commitment to justice whilst resisting the human impulse for revenge and indiscriminate violence. May God Almighty, Lord of All the Worlds, grant the people of Gaza quick relief from their unspeakable suffering and show the ummah and the whole world the path to true justice for them.

The picture here is of the Great Mosque of Gaza, built as the sheikh mentions on the site of the Eudoxiana church when the people of the city rushed to embrace Islam.

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The Tongue

Friday sermon (jum'ah khutba) by Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad - Cambridge - date unknown - 20 mins 08 secs

Ours is an age of constant chatter, gossip and debate, often uncomfortable with silence and deep reflection. Yet the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) warned very strongly about the dangers of thoughtless use of the tongue, a warning emphasised by the Companions and great scholars. In this sermon, the sheikh relates some of the prophetic insights about the nature of the tongue and its relationship with other parts of the body. When we speak untruthfully, for example, we make it easier to commit other sins; we distract ourselves from the possibility of real reflection and remembrance, and raise a barrier to perception of the true situation. The tongue often expresses and reinforces the whims of the ego, with sadly damaging results for ourselves and those around us.

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Selections from Ibn Juzayy's Tasfiyat al-Qulub

Talk by Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad - Cambridge - date unknown - 1 hr 15 mins 56 secs

Imam Ibn Juzayy al-Kalbi of Granada was one of the last great scholars of al-Andalus, well-known for his works of Quranic commentary and comparative jurisprudence. In this talk, Sheikh Abdal Hakim discusses some selections from Ibn Juzayy's Tasfiyat al-qulub fi 'l-wusul ila hadrat 'allam al-ghuyub ('Refinement of the hearts in the approach to the presence of the Knower of the hidden'). He focuses particularly on the nature of reliance on God (tawakkul), its cultivation by the believer, and its relationship to a deeper understanding of Divine Unity (tawhid).

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf has also recently published a DVD set of lectures on this work by Imam Ibn Juzayy.

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