Cambridge Links

We may be a relatively small community, but we've got a lot going on . . . 

Cambridge Mosque Trust :: Information about the project for Cambridge's first purpose-built mosque.

Mishkat Media :: Beautifully produced DVDs & MP3s on Imam al-Ghazali's masterwork Revival of the Religious Sciences, brought to life for the modern world by leading scholars.  Plus other lectures by Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad and others.  All profits from the site go to the Cambridge New Mosque Project.

Abu Bakr Jamia Mosque :: Events, information and prayer times from Cambridge's main mosque.

Omar Faruque Mosque & Cultural Centre :: Information from this mosque in the King's Hedges area of the city.

Cambridge Islamic Art :: An online platform to sell Islamic artwork to raise funds and awareness for the 'Cambridge Mosque Trust'.

Cambridge Muslim College :: A unique institution supporting the development of training and Islamic scholarship to help meet the many challenges facing Britain today.

Cambridge University Islamic Society :: Upcoming events, plus information and contacts for prospective students.

British Muslim Song :: A growing collection of beautiful songs and sounds from the rich but little-known heritage of British Islam, as well as a unique cross-cultural experiment: great songs written in English to ancient and much-loved Rumelian and Anatolian melodies.

Cambridge Muslims Online :: Information on events and other resources.

Other Links

Just a small selection of many other great resources out there - may Allah strengthen and reward the people who run them!

Inspired By Muhammad :: A brilliant site showing how the example of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) continues to inspire people in Britain today.

A Common Word :: An initiative by Muslim scholars and intellectuals from many backgrounds to promote the common religious values shared between Islam and Christianity - love of God and love for the neighbour.

DeenPort :: "A global communications, connections and curation clusterplex, circumambulating Islam and Muslims."  Apparently.  Basically a site for exchanging the best of the web for Muslims - very useful!

Masud :: The e-daddy of the British Muslim web presence - "one of the web's leading and original resources for traditional Islam since 1996".

Seekers' Guidance :: Online lessons and multimedia resources, led by Sheikh Faraz Rabbani and Sheikh Yahya Rhodus.

Sunni Path :: A leading online Islamic academy, also featuring an extensive resource of reliable, scholarly answers to fiqh questions on many subjects.

Radical Middle Way :: A revolutionary grassroots initiative aimed at articulating a relevant mainstream understanding of Islam that is dynamic, proactive and relevant to young British Muslims.  Loads of excellent multimedia resources as well an live events.

Zaytuna College :: A groundbreaking institution building Islamic scholarship in America, led by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and Imam Zaid Shakir.

Nawawi Foundation :: Devoted to developing an American Muslim cultural identity, led by Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah.