In the Name of God the Source of Mercy and Compassion. May He bless His Beloved Messenger Muhammad and grant him abundant peace.

This blog collects Muslim sermons (khutbas), talks and other resources (etc.) in English for anyone interested in Islam. Most of the recordings are by Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad (a.k.a. T. J. Winter) of Cambridge University and of other speakers in Cambridge, hence the name.

The intention of publishing these resources is firstly to provide interesting and uplifting material that will, God willing, encourage the remembrance of Him and love for the example of His Prophet.  The second intention is to promote the Cambridge New Mosque Project and encourage others to promote it and donate to it. 

You can search the site using the search box above, browse the recordings by title, look up posts by topic using the Labels listed to the right, or look them up by date using the Archive at the bottom of the page. You can also receive posts automatically by signing up for the RSS Feed or Podcast.

If you have any recordings you think other people might like to hear, or if you notice any broken links or technical problems, please let us know on cambridgekhutbasetc at gmail dot com.

Thanks for visiting our site.  Please tell others about it if you enjoyed and benefited from what is here.  Above all, please pray for all of us here in Cambridge, the success of the efforts to build a new mosque, and for the reward of all the scholars with whose knowledge and inspiration we have been blessed.