Seeing by Allah's Light

Friday sermon (jum'ah khutba) by Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad - Cambridge - 5 December 2008 - 22 minutes 18 seconds


In this sermon, the Sheikh discusses the concept of firasat al-mu'min (intuition or insight of the believer), which was mentioned by the Prophet (peace be upon him). From His Mercy, God grants this quality to enable its recipient to perceive the true nature and character of others. Although it is present to certain extent among many people, it increases in relation to faith (iman) such that many scholars and awliya have possessed it to a remarkable degree, and the Prophet himself of course most of all. The Sheikh relates some inspiring examples of this quality, and although not many possess it to such a degree, it is important for all of us because it can help us to spend our time with others who have good intentions and high iman. Since, as the Prophet said, we will be resurrected with our companions, may God grant us all an increase in iman and firasa so that we can seek out good and shun the bad more surely.

The sheikh mentioned that many of the righteous have called those endowed with firasa the 'spies of the hearts' for their ability to perceive what lies within. The following eponymous book was noted by the Sheikh as being a personal account of one American convert's encounters with people of insight: http://www.spyoftheheart.com/

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Anonymous said...

It has become difficult to listen to our community "khutbas" after listening to Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad; repetitive, non-thinking, dizzying nothingness has become the normal Friday routine. Jazak Allah Khairan for posting these and waking us up out of our regular Jum'a stupor.

Anonymous said...

the best thing about being in Cambridge is the listening to Shiekh Abdul Hakim Murad's khutbahs...
Jazaakallah for uploading

m abdullah said...