Twlight of the Islamosaurs

Talk by Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad - Oxford - 6 November 2004 - 50 mins 33 secs

As an early Eid present, here's a talk recorded five years ago by Oxford University ISoc and preserved over on IslamOnline.net. It's not one for the audio purists unfortunately but we've done our best. It's definitely worth a listen for Sheikh Abdal Hakim's perceptive and invigorating review of the history of Islamism. Through this reading, he makes an analysis of some of the most fundamental aspects of the umma's reaction to modernity and its current state. As a counter-point to these sobering reflections, he also offers some optimistic thoughts on the future. May you all have a blessed Eid inshaAllah, and may Allah accept the efforts of all this year's pilgrims.

Listen to this talk

Download this talk (MP3, 50.3MB)


Anonymous said...

Assalamu 'alaykum,

Wonderful lecture. May Allah bless the Shaykh and his team and may they continue to benefit the ummah.

Any chance of uploading the City Cirle talk from last week?

And what happened to the list of tags down the side? I thought they were very useful!


Cambridge Khutbas said...


We thought the list was getting a bit unwieldy and wanted to add a page to browse the archives instead. But since we haven't got round to that yet, the labels are back!

Would love to add the City Circle talk but unfortunately none of the CKetc ladies and gents were able to record it. If anyone has a recording and is willing to share, please do let us know.

Anonymous said...

Jazak Allahu khairan.

I strongly feel the epic labels list is one of this site's most distinguished features!

As for the City Circle talk apparently they didn't record it either, but perhaps someone in the audience did.