Is Islam Compatible With The West?

Talk by Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad - Luton - 2009

We know from the Holy Qur'an that "East and West belong to Allah" (2:115). We also know from the manifestation of Allah's religion throughout so many different times and places that His Guidance nourishes and uplifts humankind in any circumstance. Yet today we are dogged by the controversy of 'Islam versus the West'; and many people assume that the two are at best incompatible, at worst utterly inimical. In this talk, Shaykh Abdal Hakim discusses this perennial debate, and attempts to break down the monolithic assumptions that often accompany it.

This talk was originally sponsored by the Reflection Project at World Appeal. Many thanks to Sidi Junaid for sending in the audio, may Allah reward him.

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Anonymous said...

Subhan Allah this talk was, unsurprisingly, stunning. If only there was some way we could simply elect Shaykh as official spokesmen of British Muslims!
Brother Omar

Anonymous said...

A classic lecture!! Blessings from USA

m abdullah said...


Anonymous said...

Masha'Allah. I'm very delighted to have listened to Sheikh Abdul Hakim's talk. May Allah subhanahu wa taala reward him, preserve and give abundance of health!