'Fasting Is Mine'

Talk by Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad - Peterborough - 22 August 2009 - 1hr 4 mins 40 secs

In this talk, Sheikh Abdal Hakim shares some thoughts on the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan. He focuses in particular on the famous hadith qudsi in which Allah says 'Fasting is mine'. May all of you out there have a blessed and uplifting month, and may your fasting be accepted inshaAllah. Please remember us here in Cambridge in your prayers, and keep circulating these talks to all your friends and encourage them to donate to the building of Cambridge mosque at this special time of year!

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to refer CambridgeKhutbasEtc to a audio recording engineer, Muhammad Zaki, for advice on ways to improve recording quality. His email is tablemanners101@gmail.com. You can also contact me to get his telephone number.


Anonymous said...

The reason mention this is: I usually burn Shaykh Abdal Hakim's lectures from this site on a CD and listen to them in my car over and over and over again. After a couple repeats of 'Fasting is Mine' the recording quality got to me and found it difficult to continue.

Kansas City, USA

Ismael said...

I'm inspired by the moving words of the Shaykh. May Allah reward you for uploading these great khutba's.

Djazaak Allahu Ghairan.

The Netherlands

Cambridge Khutbas said...


@ Najeeb, thanks a lot for the contact, any advice appreciated. I think in this case the reduced quality was due to the fact that - as a result of various circumstances at the event - we could not get the mic actually clipped to Sheikh AHM as normal and had to record from a slight distance. Apologies, and inshaAllah we will do our best to keep the standard higher.

cketc team

Anonymous said...

May Allah reward you for this work. You cannot imagine the impact these short lectures have in our barren heartscapes.

Jazak Allah Khairan.

Anonymous said...

JAK for this!

Tokeer said...

Aslaamu Alaikum,

This lecture is also available at the Faizan-e-Madina Mosque website where it was recorded.


(Sidi AA I can send you a copy if you like?)

Anonymous said...

This recording was sufficient, however, for meeting direly critical mind-soul needs.

Anonymous said...

We've been eagerly awaiting another recent talk for a while now. When do you think it will be posted?

Cambridge Khutbas said...


Further to Sidi Tokeer's kind offer, the link should now take you to a much better quality version of this talk.

Anonymous said...

The Nur from these talks reaches deep into my heart.
Thank you for making them available - they are precious jewels of brilliant light, Jazak Allah Khairan.

Anonymous said...

Jazak allah 7arain to the up-loader for providing such a informative lecture by such a knowledgable brother

salam :)