Miracles of Badr

Friday sermon (jum'ah khutba) by Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad - Cambridge - 11 September 2009 - 30 mins 53 secs

In this sermon, the sheikh relates some of the miracles that occured during the battle of Badr, and what we can learn from them. On that historic day - the anniversary of which, 17th Ramadan, fell just a few days ago - the Muslims' apparent weakness was the key to their victory, since their awareness of their dependence on Allah and their trust in Him was accentuated to a remarkable degree; and through that trust they also had true thankfulness to Him. The sheikh goes on to relate the story of Badr to another aspect of the blessed month of Ramadan, Laylat al-Qadr. May we imitate the experience of Badr as far as possible by translating our experience of weakness and humility in the month of fasting into greater awareness of and thankfulness to Allah.

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Honest T said...

Jazakallah - I have been waiting for something new.

Anonymous said...

We were scared that for the rest of Ramadan there would be nothing.

Cambridge Khutbas said...


Yes, sorry about the delay, you know how Ramadan is, especially with these long days. Sheikh AHM is talking in Hounslow later today inshaAllah - anyone in the area, come to the mosque after asr and listen, and bring money to donate to the new Cambridge mosque! - and there's also a recording of a khutba a couple of weeks ago that still needs to go up, although unfortunately the recording didn't come out very well. Anyway, inshaAllah we'll try to get both those up before the end of Ramadan. May the last days of the month be full to the brim of blessings for all of us by Allah's Mercy :)

Anonymous said...

May Allah bless all the volunteers who make these talks available to all. I am looking forward to the next khutbah, regardless of the sound quality.

Anonymous said...

JazakumAllah! I was waiting for a new one as well...the khutbas here are phenomenal,keep it coming inshAllah! May the rest of Ramdhan be blessed for all of us. Amin

Hasan said...

I can't believe you did a whole Khutba about Badr and didn't even mention Ali ibn Abu Talib, even once.

The only thing more bizarre than that was a lecture I heard on Ashura, the 10th of Muharram, in which Farhat Hashimi managed to avoid mentioning Imam Hussain and the slaughter at Karbala, even once.

What the hell is wrong with you people?

Ali was responsible for 40% of the enemy casualties (30), or the single highest kill count (16) by other traditions. The angels were saying "No victor but Ali, no sword but Zulfiqar"...as Nusrat Fateh Ali sings so eloquently in his qawwalis. The Prophet named him the lion of God after Badr. The battle left such an impression on the kuffar that 60 years later, when Imam Hussain asked the Muslims at Karbala why they considered shedding his blood halal, they replied "only because your father was Ali." Later Yazid beat the head of Hussain with his cane and asked openly "have I not avenged you, o my ancestors who died at Badr?"

For decades years after Ali's death, the Ummayads added a part to the Juma khutba in which they cursed Ali openly. People would be rewarded for openly insulting Ali, and punished for reciting hadith in favour of him. So there was a huge vacuum created in the heads of people where they *ignored* the Ahlul bayt--and were ignorant about them inside. Unless you Sunnis understand this--and correct it--you will never come out of that vacuum.

Given that the Quran told the Prophet to say "I do not ask for any reward except love for my near relatives..." you should take it a little bit seriously.

Hasan said...

Just remembered something. There is a hadith that in the battle of either Badr or Uhud, Gabriel came to Muhammad and said "the angels are amazed at the fighting ability of Ali."

So while you think merely having angels around is a miracle, apparently they thought Ali's performance was a miracle.

While the khutba was titled "Miracles of Badr," and so could claim that it was restricted to just pointing out the miraculous alone, ... well it reminds me of Aesops story of the mole and his mother, when he claimed he could see, so she put a bit of frankincense before him and asked him what it is...he replied "a pebble". She said "well my son, that proves you've lost your sense of smell as well as being blind."

Anonymous said...

Salam 'Alaikum Hasan,

I think you miss the point here. The talk as such not about miracles. Rather, it was about the absolute yaqin of the Companions (may Allah be well pleased with all of them), which was the reason that Allah's aid was with them. I don't think anyone here has any doubts about Sayyiduna Ali's bravery, but the apparent strength or might of the Sahaba was simply not the focus of this talk.