The Pursuit of Happiness

Friday sermon (jum'ah khutba) by Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad - Cambridge - 21st May 2010 - 25 mins 46 secs


In this sermon, the Sheikh explores how the Glorious Names of Al-Qabid (The Constrictor) and Al-Basit (The Expander) reflect states that human beings naturally pass through and how these are spiritual extensions of the concepts of fear (khawf) and hope (rajaa') . The Believer is one in whom these 2 states are in constant balance. Happiness and joy, thus, can only be fully appreciated after one has known fear and sadness and it is Allah (swt) who bestows the sakinah into the hearts of whomsoever He wishes.

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Unknown said...

lol what's up with the photo? Big contrast to all the previous ones?

Cambridge Khutbas said...

New team member, different taste :) . . . Salaam

Mohsin R. said...

Wa Salam. Candid answer.