Reconnecting The Heart

Talk by Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad - Granada - June 2008 - 36 mins 04 secs

Our hearts are often distracted by the artificial and superficial all around us in the modern world. In this talk, Sheikh Abdal Hakim discusses some of the fundamental ayat (signs) of Allah’s creation that He in His Mercy has laid out as a means to revive the heart and purify ourselves from distraction. This talk was given in Rajab two years ago, and among the several themes the sheikh addresses is the importance of the lunar Islamic calendar and the importance of preparing for Ramadan. As we approach Rajab again, his words are a particularly valuable reminder.

This talk is the first of the new Heart Surgeon series, a number of talks on Islamic spirituality given by Sheikh Abdal Hakim, Sheikh Ibrahim Osi-Efa and Sheikh Idris Watts. It is available from the new Mishkat Media site, where you can also download MP3s of the Travelling Light series. As always, all profits go to the Cambridge New Mosque Project.

PS Apologies for the delay on posting Pt. 3 of The Ship of Salvation - we've been a bit busy with the new Travelling Light/Mishkat Media site. InshaAllah it's coming soon, along with several other great talks we have to post.


Anonymous said...


I couldn't find the link to listen online nor to download this talk.

JazakAllah khair

Unknown said...

download link? please...

Cambridge Khutbas said...


This talk is available over on the new Mishkat Media site on this page - http://www.mishkatmedia.com/travellinglight/about/heartsurgeon.html

You do have to pay for the Heart Surgeon talks, but as I said, all the money goes to the mosque.

Anonymous said...

Subhan Allah

One of the best talks I've heard in ages. Thank you not only for that but the chance to donate to the building of the mosque. When can we see photos of the building's design by the way?

bro o

Cambridge Khutbas said...


Thanks for the feedback, I'm very glad you enjoyed it and felt uplifted by it, alhamdulilah - may He strengthen us all in our iman.

R.e. pics of the mosque, still the only one available on the web is the one of the new mosque site front page unfortunately. Apparently a lot of things can't be finally confirmed until full planning permission for all the details of materials, structure etc has been confirmed which will still take some time.

Will post more news as soon as possible inshaAllah!

Please tell your friends and contacts about the talks if you enjoyed them.